Can not get IdocDefinition

Dear Forum members

I am facing the problem that BC can not receive IdocDefinitions from the SAP system anymore. The problem occurs since the customer deployed a new supportpackage on the SAP system (At least that is what I guess is the reason for the problem). As BC holds the Idoc definitions in the DDIC-Cache, the problem only became obvious after a clearance of this cache. As a result I am not able to make a Idoc Definition lookup from the BC and furthermore, any incoming Idoc can not be interpreted anymore.

The error I get is:

Could not find IDoc ORDERS05 in xxxxx
Service sap.admin.idoc:getIDocDefinition

I am using:

BC 4.8 with corefix 1 build 1030 + CoreFix 1
Java Version 1.5.0_14

Has anybody an idea what the problem might be and how to solve it?

Thank you very much in advance.

Does nobody have an idea about this?

Pls check the connectivity…


The problem is solved. The SAP Administrators restricted the permissions of the user RFC that made the connection from BC to SAP.

Thanx for the reply.