Can MWS use another MWS system directory (7.1.2)

Using release 7.1.2, is it possible to configure a MWS to use another MWS system directory?

Basically I want my MWS (1) authenticates users through MWS (2). I recall in the past there was a separate LDAP service management and users could be configured so several MWS could authenticate through same source. There is very little documentation on the subject and it seems now that it is no longer possible several MWS authenticating to the same source without having to use 3rd party LDAP.



I assume this is not a cluster? You could use a shared jdbc directory for this (separate user/group tables from the system schema)

– Tim

Thanks Tim,
we installed wm_dbdir_sample.pdp and understand what can be done. However we are concerned about 2 items:

  1. passwords will be stored as text in the database
  2. We need another UI to manage users

Is there any work arounds to avoid such situation but using external LDAP?