Can I Install a new Language in MWS

Dear all, do you know if can I Install a new Language in MWS without reinstall?
Thanks in advance

You should be able to… Provide the same installation path during your installation… Dont select any other components which you have already installed, and choose only the language that you want… Though I havent tried installation a different language, i hope it should be the same…


Hi Senthil, thanks for your prompt response.
I tried that but… nothing

Hi Guy,

After you installed the language pack, please do the following step:

In MWS navigate to My Profile > User Profile Attributes > Preferred Language/Locale = Choose the default language (eg: de: German) > Click Apply

The language pack that you desire should be appearing. :proud:

Thanks folks!
I can install the Spanish language bat not with my installator and my image, I have to download a new instalator an chose to download from SAG site the language pack.


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