Can I have Two Instances of Mainframe

Just wondering if anyone knew if there were any conflicts to have two separate instances of webMethods Mainframe on one physical box? The reason why there are two instances because this box will have to be used to for two different environments. I know you can do it with IS and Broker. Does anyone know if you can do it with mainframe and what is the best way to do it?

Yes, you can run 2 mainframe installs on one box. Check the documentation delivered with MIS for further details.

Running two MIS processes on the same hosts is not supported by webMethods, the listening port is hardcoded into the MIS process. Also webMethods does not support multiple IS instances connected to one MIS process. This does not mean you might not be able to get it to work, but it is not a supported configuration. You can separate your mainframe adapter out into its own instance(one adapter can connect to multiple mainframes), and consolidate all of your mainframe connections there. You can then connect via a broker or broker territory if you are using the broker or via direct invokes via the IS instance.

Ah, I’ve since learned of the secret document. You can run multiple instances of the MIS process along with multiple instances of the integration server. There is a one to one mapping however, you can’t have two is servers talking to the same mis. To configure the MIS process to listen on a different port and to have the is instance connect to that different port, you are going to need the magic hidden document that webMethods will provide upon request. Basically there is a setting in the .rc file in the mainframe directory to change the port and then a similar configuration change on the adapter side.

I don’t know why they hide these things…