Can I have one Local Transaction and one No Transaction in a flow service

I have a requirement to use one SELECT adapter service and one BATCH UPDATE service.
So, I have currently used, NA TRANSACTION for SELECT service and LOCAL TRANSACTION for BATCH UPDATE service.

Is this a good design?
This is a scheduled task service that runs at regular intervals.

Hi Khushaboo,

are you using implicit or explicit TransactionHandling?

Can you provide a screen shot of the flow service outline, as this might help us in understanding your question better?


Hello Holger,

I am not using any explicit transaction handling in the service.

SELECT adapter service uses No Transaction.
For using BATCH UPDATE adapter service, its mandatory to use Local Transaction.

Other than that, I am also using DYNAMIC adapter service a couple of times as I have a requirement to fetch runtime columns values from SQL.
DYNAMIC adapter service also uses No Transaction.

I am unable to attach snapshot.
Hope the description of the service would enable you to assist me further.

Khushaboo Shandilya

You can surely combine adapters with “local transaction” and “no transaction” (which is in reality db driven transaction). But you didn’t describe your goals hence nobody can tell whether it’s a “good design”.