can HBase , MapReduce and HDFS can work on a single machine having Hadoop installed and running on i

i’m operating on a seek engine design, that’s to be run on cloud. we’ve simply started, and feature not an awful lot idea approximately Hdoop. Can absolutely everyone tell if HBase , MapReduce and HDFS can paintings on a single machine having Hdoop installed and running on it ?

Sorry your question is not very clear. Are you trying to use CloudStreams product with Hadoop in some way?
If not, you need to post your question to the right product’s forum.

Hope that helps

hi Soujanya

Yes you can. You can even create a Virtual Machine and run it on there on a single “computer” (which is what I have :slight_smile: ).

The key is to simply install Hadoop Administration in “Pseudo Distributed Mode” which is even described in the Hadoop Quickstart.

If you use the Cloudera distribution they have even created the configs needed for that in an RPM. Look here for more info in that.