Can EJB be simpler? (Sample application for Apache JaxMe, JB


attached you find a sample application for accessing Tamino via Apache JaxMe Apache Jaxme, JBoss,
and the TaminoAPI4J’s resource adapter.

IMO the sample application is as simple as possible. For example it consists mainly of the following files:

  • One Java source file for the client class and one Java source file for the session bean implementation.
  • One XML Schema file, used both for defining the database and the JaxMe generator.
  • An Ant build script.
  • A deployment descriptor (application.xml) for the application and two MANIFEST files.

Working with JaxMe is much simpler than using DOM or JDOM. Besides, it gives you type safety and control through the compiler.

JaxMe-InoAPI-JBoss.tar.gz (2.21 MB)