Can components be nested?

I am building a very complicated set of components to load data from files into database tables. Is it possible to insert a component (ie. a flow of operation) winthin another component? like calling a function with a program --modulization. If not, what is the best way to organize a very complicated flowchart to make it easier to maintain?
Please help.

Interesting question! If the components cannot be nested, the following approaches may be used:

  1. Create multiple components on different adapters (they may be different adapter configurations for the same application adapter). Then use outbound calls within one component(publishandwait for reply) to call other components.

  2. Create multiple components on the same adapter , and execute the components in sequence. The components are linked by documents (events).

  3. Create scriped operations for those steps that are not based any application adapters. Within a component, use these scriped operations directly.


I’m assuming you are using Enterprise Integrator. The main way to modularize and handle complex components is to use Scripted Operations. Scripted Operations can be considered an analog of calling a function in a program. They are each separate Java classes underneath and the flow chart creates an instance of the class and calls its scriptInvoke method with input you have defined. You can call other Scripted Operations from Scripted Ops to achieve the nesting you are asking about. You can’t call another component from a component. Components can only be invoked with triggering events.