Can CAI integrate with spring framework?

Help! Can CAI integrate with spring framework? if can, how?

I would to use CAI with SpringFramework. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

Sorry, neither me nor one of my colleagues is Spring-framework expert.

In principal CAI is absolutely open, “behind the adapter class” (which is a pure Java Bean…) you can do anything you like. We have several customers plugging to a Hibernate based framework so that Hibernate objects are directly bound to screen controls.

That’s all I can say… Bjoern

I have done it. Thanks, CAI is wonderful.

I had some problems with getting Spring integration to work when using Application Designer’s “special classloader” in “development mode”. I wanted Spring to instantiate my controller and model beans and do the remoting to our business layer (EJB facade).

The Classloader of Application Designer 2.1 for “development mode” is now able to load resource files. The dependency injection definitions for Spring are stored in Spring context XML files that have to be put into “appclasses/classes” to be loaded by this classloader.

To have everthing done by the development classloader Spring must be told to use it. So my code looks like this

final ClassLoader webappClassloader = Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader();
final ClassLoader cisClassloader = getClass().getClassLoader();
this.m_controller = (Controller) Util.getSpringApplicationContext()

I think that this solution should work for the “ordinary” use of Spring in this situation (bean container functionalities) but I had other problems with the access from my “development Tomcat” to the business logic EJBs running on a Weblogic server (a security issue as it seems), so I dropped the whole Spring idea for the moment because of lack of time. I hope to get to know to the end of the story some time in the future.

Hi yzok888!

Can you give us a short description of you Design? What are you doing behind the Adapter? Have you found out a way to create com.softwareag.cis.server.Adapter - Instances using the Factory from Spring?

Greetings, Romeo