Adapter class with the same name in several CAI projects


I have created two CAI projects (residing in different directories, of course). Both contain a page which refer to adapter classes with the same name. The server always loads the first adapter class, and the second never gets invoked. Do adapter classes always need to have different names across all projects?


Hi Roland,

your assumption is correct: inside one web application (e.g. “cis” after default installation) all CAI projects (each one represented by one directory) are managed by one and the same class loader. Consequence: multiple occurances of the same adapter class in different projects will cause the situation you described: the classloader is loading the first occurance it finds, the second occurance will not be loaded.

This cross-project-loading is by intention… believe it or not! :wink:
Inside one web application all projects are intended to communicate with one another without class loader problems.

Inisde one webapp (“cis”) each class must be unique cross projects. Locate them within different packages for example.