Can Broker 6.X support C# Client


Can Broker 6.X support C# Clients? Most of our applications were built on .Net with C#, and we already have the IS6 and Broker6 license, so we want to bulit the Broker6.X clients with C#. But I did not find any document info about it from the advantage page. I just found some document for C# API for Broker 7.X. So I want to know can Broker6.X support C# Clients? Thanks in advance.

I’m pretty sure that the C# client was introduced with Broker 7.1. If you are paying maintenance and support fees, you would receive the upgrade from 6.5 to 7.1 Broker.


Thanks Mark, we have the license and support for the IS and Broker 6.1, it is also available for 6.5, but not for 7.1. But it seems the 6.x Broker can not support C# client. May be we need to buy a new license for 7.1. Thanks a lot.