Can adapters be reconnected to different broker

We have an ES environment of two brokers (brokerA and brokerB) contained within territoryA on hostA. All adapters connect to brokerA and if the integration design calls for it, there would be a gateway on brokerB.

Now, my question(s)…

If we setup a duplicate environment on hostB, but the two brokers (brokerA and brokerB) maintain the same name and are in territoryB…

Could we simply redirect the adapters from brokerA:territoryA:hostA to brokerA:territoryB:hostB and expect the integration to continue to function?

Would there be any issue with the hostname change? or the territory name change?


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I think host name change might be fine, but territory change may affect your existing integrations.

I would use clustering service like Veritas for redirection/manage failovers by using a virtual hostname with still having the name same for the brokers and territory.Make sure that you use the Virtual hostname while configuring the adapters in ES