Establishing Territory between 2 versions of Brokers (9.6 and 10.5)

Hi experts,

In existing environment, the Broker from one region to other region has Territory setup( Both are same version 9.6).
As part of initial upgrade, we are about to install the Broker 10.5 in only one region.
Can we establish the Territory between 2 versions of Brokers ? (9.6 and 10.5), if yes do we need to consider any extra configurations or it will be same like existing one ?.

Please help with your valuable suggestions.

Based on this documentation entry (link), I’d make a reasonable assumption that this is probably supported. It also appears that you don’t need additional configuration.

Having said that, I strongly recommend that you create a support ticket to get an official confirmation, especially because this is an unconventional setup and it’s a live environment.


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