calling webservice using pub.client:soapClient is perceived as GET method at receiver


When calling an external webservice using pub.client:soapClient the guy exposing the webservice says that a GET method call was made and not a POST method. I have previously had confirmed that pub.client:soapClient is sending via POST so this is very strange to me. However, his log does show that method = GET.

We are using pub.client:soapClient in a number of other services without problems.

When sending the exact same SOAP Envelope (incl header and body) via soapUI or Postman it works fine and he says that method = POST.

Do you have any explanation why the call from pub.client:soapClient is perceived as GET?

Kind regards Mikael

Can you trun on the soap logging facility on IS to trace and review the logs. Hope it might give you more insights.