Calling WebService in WebMethods from a NET Client

I’m having an issue with invoking a WebMethods Webservice from a .Net Client using the generated proxy that is generated by wsdl. I get nulls even though the Webservice is returning the data. The return parameters are just strings.

Any pointers would be really helpful.

I’m still stuck with the same issue I’m trying to create a .NET client to consume a webMethods web service. Based on the wsdl file given by you I’ve generated a .NET proxy class using the .NET WSDL.EXE. The proxy class appears to send a valid request because webMethods sends back a valid response. However, when the proxy class calls Invoke(), it returns the object results of the correct length i.e. 2 but with each element null. The return parameters are just strings. There are no exceptions. But it just returns null



Is your Integration Server web service exposed using Soap RPC or Document Literal? Have you captured the soap response in a soap monitor or debug statement to confirm that the results are making into the message properly?


Hi Mark,

The web service is exposed using SOAP HTTP. I’m not sure but I think it is using document literal. Yes I have captured the SOAP response, I can see that the response has the right content.

SOAP Response
response.xml (0.7 k)

receiveSoapService.wsdl (4.5 k)

.NET proxy
com_ipaper_enterprise_globalsupplychain_apriso_outbound_soapserviceService.cs (3.8 k)

I’m attaching the response , proxy class and wsdl.

Thanx a lot for you help