Calling Web Servicce from Natural Mainframe


I will tri to invoke a java web service from Natural Mainframe. Could you please tell me What’s the steps that I must do to get it? or Where I could read the instruction to make it possible?

Thanks in advanced.


Check the Technical Papers on Servline24 “EXX - Configuring Natural RPC Clients to call Web Services”.

Hi Douglas,
I already read the white paper you recommended me so I found another one white paper called “NATURAL CALLING JAVA SERVER”, this document could be appended as complement of “EXX - Configuring Natural RPC Clients to call Web Services”. Although the first one apply to Windows.


Hi Douglas,
I already did every thing recommended in the white paper and I receive an NAT0082 when I run the Natural program.
Attach you will see the trace reported by the Java RPC Server used.
I really appreciate your help.

Best Regards

PS. Sorry for the spanish words written on the attached document.
20090915_JAVARPCSERVER_Class_Stub_NotFound.doc (65.5 KB)

This is most likely a CLASSPATH issue. Verify that the SystemStub.class file is accessible to the Java RPC Server - check the script.

Hi Douglas,
Thanks a lot for your help. In regards of your answer let me tell you that I don’t built any class named SystemStub.class I remember the calc.class generated using Eclipse. Another thing is the class didn’t found by RPC Server is a mixed name I mean System is the Natural library where the Natural stub was generated. I notice when I change the Natural library then the class name change for example, if I execute the Natural program from the ORS library then the class reported as not found is ORSStub.class.
In regards of your recommendation What shall I must verify.
Attach you will find the JavaRPCServer used.

Best Regards
20090915 Java RPC Server Linux.doc (42.5 KB)

If you have configured your SYSRPC with the LOGON option, then the library becomes the stub name. The System is used when the logon option is not used or you are on the library SYSTEM.

You have to generate and update and compile the stub. See the “NATURAL CALLING JAVA SERVER” paper again. I think you missed some steps.

If you want to post something, I suggest posting the actual text file rather than a screen shot. You might zip up the associated java, idl, script, configuration files and log files to give a more useful picture of what you have done.

Hi Douglas,
Ok I’ve got your recommendation and let me read again the white paper you mentioned.

Best regards