Callig DSP pages from flow service

How to invoke dsp pages from a flow service.

Thanx in advace

Hi vijay,

you can copy the whole DSP code and paste it in the ouputTemplate.You can also access all the pipeline variables in the output template like %>

I am also trying to invoke a dsp from a flow service. I can’t seem to get the dsp to run. I tried using the Everytime, I run the service the dsp does not get invoked. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi, Piyush.

Have you checked the permissions of the target invocations? Maybe you are getting blocked?

Also, have you tried adding a pub.flow.savePipeline at the start of the Flow?

And, just for kicks, what is the business case that calls for this? It sounds interesting to me.


Sounds to me like what you really want to do is call the DSP, in which case pub.client:http would be the way to go.

A more efficient way to do the work of the DSP would be to introspect the DSP and find the underlying service being invoked by it and the parameters being passed. Then call that service using a Java service and Service.doInvoke().

I don’t know where this stuff would come in, because those are for templates, not DSPs.

My 2 cents.

Hi Dan & Theo,

Thanks for both of your comments. Theo, I found the info about the stuff in the earlier messages of this thread. I wasn’t sure if they would work and noticed that they were for templates and not dsp’s. I have tried the pub.client:http service to invoke the dsp and that does not seem to work either. I will try your idea of finding the underlying service and invoking it via java.
Dan, to answer your question, we are using email ports in business connector to receive data. However, the email ports get disabled if the email server it is connecting to ever reboots. I have written some code in BC that checks to see if the port is disabled and if it is I have written a dsp to reenable the email port. The dsp enables the port correctly if you call the dsp in IE. However, when the dsp is invoked from BC, the email port is not enabled. I will do some more research on this but if anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate them

To invoke via pub.client:http, you would call whatever the the DSP page itself calls. For instance, it could be a different DSP using a form submit.

Calling the underlying service directly is always the best choice, as it does not require an additional http session.

Good luck!