CAF with flowservice deployed to test still points to dev


Below is a short description of the process I used to create a webMethods flow service called from a CAF.

  1. Created a web service descriptor as provider using developer.
  2. Configured designer to point to the development integration server.
  3. Drag and dropped the web service to a CAF page form. (bean, controls,etc got created automatically)
  4. Published the portlet/webapplication to my development MWS.

This works on the development environment, but when deployed to the test environment,
using the WmDeployer, it still points to the webservice on the development is server.

How can I correct this, is there a way to use an alias to point to the correct is server?

Thanks ,

Jan, in fact there is a way: In designer look for the bindings tab for your task. The if you open up the service you will find a property called Endpoint Adress. Set its data binding value to #{environment[“wsclient-endpointAddress”]}. After that you need to create an alias under Web Services Endpoint alias, in Integration Server, follow instructions of manual: Integration_Server_Administrators_Guide.pdf page 72. P.D. The web.xml endpointAdress property of your project should point to your alias. After you’re done build an upload the tasks and test again.