CAF Report


I would know if is possible to develop “CAF Report” to show in MWS.
I want to develop one filter page and one report result page for show and print my business informations stored in a data base.

I was searching in the documentation, but I couldn’t find out something useful.

  • Cognos Report: It’s used only for Optimize report.
  • BIRT Report : It’s used only for CentraSite report.
  • CAF Report: I don’t know if is possible.

Best Regards

Helton Santana

CAF doesn’t have the typical Design time tools associated with mature Report building and generation. It does have the individual components but you’ll be left with the heavy lifting of creating all the SQL queries and wiring the various filters together as well as composing the result sets.

I think i’d recommend investigating the Cognos reports (with your custom db tables) for now, or an open source solution.