CAF and database tables


I’m trying to perform some basic tasks dragging tables from database to the page, a .view.
I can see the elements of the table but couldnt do add, or search elements from the table…
Is there any tutorials about that? couldn’t find information in help docs…

Anyway any help would be appreciated


Instead of dragging and dropping the tables, you might want to right click on the table and select Generate Database Connector. When you go through the wizard you’ll be able to Expert Mode which will allow you to read and write back to the database. Then you can drag that connector onto the view which should generate some additional controls that you can use to update the db.

Hope this helps.

Yes it shows more options thanks.
But doesnt allow to perform a search still :confused:

I think you need to go into expert mode and create a variable that will be used in the SQL. That will generate an input parameter in your DBClient.

Hmm I see.

Thanks for your help