CAF 9.5 to 10.1 migration


we have a legacy application in WM9.5, we would like to migrate into WM10.1

Is there some documentation, which provide steps for migration? What has been changed in components and their js implementation that could make those applications stop working?

So far I have noticed following problems, when we did a quick look what does not work after upgrade:

  1. Different URL for Ajax requests.
    In WM9.5 URL for AsyncCommand component was different than now. We had a logic in BeforeRender phase, which checks a parameter in URL and reset state and start Ajax polling for some data. This parameter was added to the page, when it was first accessed with GET request. Next Ajax POSTs were pointing to a different URL, so this parameter wasn’t there and those requests were processed properly. In WM10.1 those POST requests are send to the same URL that the page was displayed with, and because of that during polling every POST request resets state and polling stopped working.
    Quick fix for me was to check if this is not a postback request when checking URL parameter for reset state. Is this a proper workaround or there is a better approach to this?

  2. EL expressions being evaluated inside a Dialog component before it is opened.
    In WM9.5 we had some EL expression in a Dialog component, and everything worked. Now, in WM10.1 when we access the page, there is an error about some EL expression inside a dialog component, although the DIalog is not yet opened. I suspect that this has been changed in WM10.1.
    What can we do about it?

It would be great if I could find some information what has changed between those versions instead of finding everything out by myself. It would also be great to have some guidance how to deal with such problems.


Hi Przemyslaw,

did you check the correctness of your CAF projects after opening them in Designer 10.1 for the first time?

In the context menu of the caf projects you will find an entry “Repair CAF Project”.
This one will update certain parts of the classpath and build path as well as some modifications related to the new version.

Did you check the CAF Developers Guide if there are any notes what has changed?



I believe I used “Repair CAF project” on those projects, but I think it only changed couple of components used. But maybe I confused that with “Migrate to JSF 2” option. I will check it again.

If by CAF Development Guid you mean this document: then I searched for some migration tips, but I wasn’t able to find anything.

Isn’t there some migration guide?

Hi Przemyslaw,

“Migrate to JSF 2.x” stands for the migration from legacy CAF to OpenCAF.

You might want to check for the general Upgrading webMethods Products Guide if there is a reference on how to update CAF projects during migration.