Caching a DB Oracle table

I have an Oracle table to store some messages user (let’s says between 100 and 300 records).
Many of my flow services read and use these data… but these data do not change once they are inserted in the table (that data are like constants).

I made a service Adapter to access these data… but, the query has a cost in terme of performance…

Is there any way to put these data in cache (in the IS memory) , to avoid webMethods in accessing them each time from the Oracle Server ?

(I’m looking for a solution without the Terracotta product, I do not have)


Have you tried enabling the cache results property of a service.

Let me know the webMethods version? Did you hear about eh-cache in webMethods 9.x?

Hum… I did not try this option, because I did not imagine this option could match with my need.
Ok, I’m going to try it immediatly.

I have the 9.8 version, and I have heard a little about eh-cache… but I’ve never looked at it (wrongly)…

I suppose, I have to keep the option 1 if it works well, otherwise to try the 2nd one ?

Thanks al lot.

I’ve tried “cache results” option, that’s great ! :slight_smile:

Any link to eh-cache documentation to advise me ?


Hello – while searching, I found “Documentation” Url, please go through if it is helpful.


Thanks for your help.


Thanks for sharing the link.

@ Cédric,

I assume for your requirement option 1 (cache results) will suffice.

Eh-cache is to cache bigger data and also there is a Terracotta caching. I should explore these features with a POC in coming months (mostly after X Mas).

In case if you have some samples please share it to my email or here.

Please look more info into Terracotta cache (Big-Memory Max) and the out of box that comes with IS cache cannot be used for larger data cache’s which may lead to performance issues.

Please check these link’s with more en-cache related documentation:


RMG – Thanks for your valuable comments.

JOUBERT – Please check the points specified by RMG, also reach SAG to get final comments.


Yes check with SAG support as well for the final comments! :smiley: