using webMethods 7.1 on a vmware image (windows server 2003)

in mywebmethods administration interface i defined an environment. everything is ok until the validation. it gives me the following error:
No configuration of type “Cache Configuration” and version “” found for logical server “Analytic Engine v7.1.0.0”

for the cache configuration i set up the default values → Shared Cache Settings for Analytic Engine v7.1.0.0

I read thats a possible problem of the tangosol configuration in which i changed the localhost to the name of my machine.

any ideas?

problem resolved.
didn’t connected all needed components to each other.
after redifining environment with the template it worked.

Can u please let me know the settings? Where and what the changes u made to work that?

Cache configuration setup for AE is done while you are creating the enviroment to deploy on MWS for BAM (OFP/OFI) … ideally you should use default config’s and cache config’s should only be changed when you have multiple AE running on same instance.