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Can we design our own login page in place of Cumulocity login page?


You have already raised this question in: Replace the default cumulocity login view page with our custom login view
Please keep the discussion in a single location.

Replacing the login screen is not supported. The login screen is part of every app that is offered by Cumulocity and nothing you can replace separately. Technically you might be able to adjust the login screen for apps like Cockpit, Devicemanagement and Administration that you can built yourself. But for other applications like DataHub or Streaming Analytics you won’t be able to adjust the login screen as you are not able to build them on your own.

So in the end this approach that I already gave you in the other topic might be the more feasible way:

Another approach might be to have a separate login application that you could create from scratch. This application handles the login and after the login redirects you to the desired application.


If you want to change only the colors and the logo, then you can do it in the UI, if you have an enterprise tenant.
For it go in Administration - Settings - Enterprise tenant - Branding.
The configured “Brand logo”, the “Main brand color” and the “Main background color” have effect on the login page.
Here a fast example:

Regards, Christian

Thanks @Christian_Herzog & @Tristan_Bastian for the help, I guess what Ravi is try to achieve is that we have a preferred login option setup under setting < authentication to “Single sign-on redirect”.
So both types of our applications, whether out of the box or custom, now follow the same ‘Single Sign-On’ login option. However, we face a challenge: once we integrate our SSO, we cannot allow users to remain logged in for more than a few hours in the same session due to our SSO policy.

Many of our users need the cockpit dashboard on the monitoring site next to the application, where they want to remain logged in for a week without any session disruptions. As Tristan suggested, we thought about creating a custom application. However, the issue is that it utilizes credentials from the application and removes any login screen, directly initiating the login process.

In this scenario, even if we have the preferred login option set as ‘single sign-on,’ is it still possible to access a custom application using basic authentication?


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