Replace the default cumulocity login view page with our custom login view

I want to create login page but we are not able to view that page without authentication.

C8y 1015.0.386

We want to create login page , in place of the default c8y login page. But not be able to access.

production (customer)** instance


Cumulocity uses this BootstrapComponent which takes care of the login before any routing within the application happens.

The app.module.ts of the tutorial application has a bootstrap entry where you could in general specify a different bootstrap component though I’m not 100% sure if this will work for hybrid apps (using both angular and angularJS like e.g. cockpit, devicemanagement and administration) as well or just for pure angular apps like e.g. the tutorial app.

Another approach might be to have a separate login application that you could create from scratch. This application handles the login and after the login redirects you to the desired application.

Hi Tristan Bastian,

Thanks for the reply.

Can we replace the default c8y login page with our custom login page?.

I get to some clue from c8y document (Tutorials - Cumulocity IoT Guides).
Am able to create custom login page, and dynamically get the credential within the login service in app module.
But not be able to redirect after getting success login API.
Having error in console: ERROR Error: The selector “c8y-bootstrap” did not match any elements.