Anonymous access for the customize web application

Hi Team,

I have new a web application from Application Builder or clone from Cockpit application.

How can I configure the new application can be annoymous access ?


you can hardcode a set of credentials to be used by the application. You can find instructions on how to do this by following this guide:

Thanks Tristan.
What about the application from Application builder ?
How to hardcode a default credentials for that ?


You can create two types of apps from application builder.

  1. Without providing custom context-path (Default)
  2. With custom context-path

If your app is created using type 1, then you can follow same steps what Tristan mentioned in application builder source code. However, this will apply to all apps for type 1.

For type 2 apps, you first need to clone and convert it into type 1 app then only your custom changes in app builder will be applicable.

Thanks Lalani.
Do we have any plan to enable ‘Remove authentication’ configuration for specific applications created from App Builder ?


As of now we don’t have any plan for that.
However, please feel free to create feature request here

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