C1 Onramp Web admin error

Recieve a ‘Data Key is null’ error when I open the C1 Onramp window up from the web admin for TN. If we re-install WmMarketConnect and WmMarketConnectTN we properly load the C1 Onramp window; however, this is a pain. We’re using C1Onramp adapter version 3.0.12 build 70. Anybody see this or have a solution? Thanks.

Received a Fix from wM that is supposed to address this if anybody’s interested. C1O_3-0_Fix21.zip - haven’t tested in dev. yet b/c of our backlog of other issues so not sure if this will work, but is supposed to.

Hi Bryan - I must have missed your earlier post on the C1 Onramp. While there have been some serious fixes to the OnRamp (I documented the ones we applied earlier on this site), I don’t recall ever seeing a “data key is null” error in the C1OR web admin.

We run Version 3.0.6 of the OnRamp 3.0, Build Number 64 - the browser here is IE 6.0 on XP. Did WM C1OR PD tell you what the issue was due to?


We also applied this fix, its for when ur admin UI doesnt come up. Generally due to a bad/error envelope received.

We have commerce one flows developed. We are trying to send the POR back and it seems like CommerceOne is not updating their record because of the reason that the correlation id and the message id in the response envelope seems to be the same.
Anyone have any idea why would this be happening?
Thanks in advance!