C service

When i wanted to create a new C service for HP-UX it threw

Could not properly generate C service.
com.webMethods.caffeine.utils.FormattedException: com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException: [ISS.0014.9116] Unable to locate or start compiler

wm is installed in some other system in windows platform…I have jst installed developer part in my windows platform.

wen i read developers guide it says C compiler must be installed in IS…
Im unable to understand.

Now my question is,
Should i install c compiler in

  1. my system
  2. wer d wm is installed
  3. HP-UX wer code needs to be transferred.
  4. wm IS - if dis is true how i have 2 install in IS??

Why would you write a C service. I am just curious to know why it can not be achieved by using a Java Service?


“I am just curious to know why it can not be achieved by using a Java Service?”

And I’d be curious to know if a FLOW service would be sufficient.

Writing C services for IS is pretty rare.

Actually all the existing codes are in C in HP-UX with encina services…With less difficulty i need migrate from HP-UX/encina to Windows/webMethods…Atleast i want to keep code language same so that with less effort we can migrate to new methods…

Eventhough it is rare i want to know where should be C compiler installed?
Can u plz help me out

It is probably most convenient to install the C compiler on the same machine as Integration Server. But it can be anywhere as long as you can build your DLL that is to be placed in the code/libs dir of your package.

A Java compiler must be installed on the same machine as Integration Server. And IS must be configure to know where the Java compiler is located–set the watt.server.compile property. This is the source of the error you’re seeing–IS doesn’t compile your C code, only the Java stub that calls the C code with the DLL that you build.

As I assume you’ve seen, the Developer User’s Guide has detailed steps for creating C services.