C Compiler


I�m trying to implement a C service with Developer, but I don’t know how to install and use a C compiler in Integration Server. If anyone can helpme with this I�ll be very glad


Hi Carlos,
Unfortunately you cannot use Developer for C/C++ coding directly nor can you use it to compile C/C++ code. I assume you are familar with JNI, hence you are required to create the C code in your favourite IDE and then use the Java JNI feature to create the code to allow you to call the C service from Java or this case the wM Integration Server.

See sample on Advantage

Hey Carlos,
I have implemented a C service that calls C functions in a DLL. If you use Developer to create a C service, it will create a stub C program in \webMethods6\IntegrationServer\packages<package_name>\code\source. Follow the instructions in the C program to create impl.c. You can add your code to the C program and compile it locally where you have access to a C compiler, then copy the objects back to the server.

Hope this helps.

Hi Andy:

If I didn�t get you wrong after I finish coding my service I have to use a different IDE to compile the code and then copy it back to the server. Is it like that?
I thought I could use the C compiler from the Developer.

Thanks Carlos


I dint�t know exactly how to code the C service and use the compiler. Thanks a lot