Building SLA logic in normal b2b/TN flows

We need to build some kind of a SLA mechanism in our B2B integration flows without using BPM. We have situations where our customers ask us to send response within a stipulated time. We basically need to start a timer clock as and when an order comes and alert when the SLA time is breached. Since B2B/TN transactions are more or less individual in nature i guess we wont be able to accomplish without writing any custom logic or using external reporting services.

This should be easily possible in BPM where you will be able to link all related transactions under one conversationID. Using Optimize for B2B also doesn’t seem to help much.

Just wanted to understand if anyone has already implemented something like this or any idea on how best we can accomplish this.


Once order is received in the system, schedule a service which sends email to you or respective person to take action based on SLA breach time. There are few built-in services to create dynamic scheduler services.

Yes you need to depend on custom logic for the requirement you have outlined above.

To me this SLA breaching etc…BPM side this makes more sense and build such a conversation process (similar to Rosettanet processess) in reality: