Build of process failed

Hi everybody

At the moment I have 2 processes in my project (1 for testing, 1 for result). I have just built a new service that I wanted to test in the corresponding process. But after I altered the process to use that service and presses ‘Build and Upload for execution’ the ‘Build Report’ showed the error:

Error: Build of process "enrollment" failed. The log file might have more information.
at java.util.Hashtable.put(

This error also occurs for the other process which hasn’t been changed since the last build. Does anyone know why this error occurs and/or how to solve it?

PS. I don’t know which log file is meant in the ‘Build Report’ so if anyone could say where I can find it I’ll post this as well.

With kind regards and thanks in advance

EDIT After deleting my workspace en creating it again the problem was solved so I can build my process again at the moment. Nevertheless I would still like to know what caused this problem so if anyone knows please tell me.


we can get more details if we can go through the server.log file


At what location is this log file saved because I can’t seem to find it.

Hi Kevin,

How did you do that?

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