Bug in namespace statement?

This concerns the definition of namespaces in the XQuery file.

I need to declare the “iso4127” namespace in my XQuery. When I declare this namespace I get the following error: unparsed data, the location and the text "namespaceiso4127="http:/… and all the other namespace declarations"

When I isolate the error, it seems to be related to the starting letters “is” (in lowercase only) for a namespace. Any declaration that starts with is**** gives the same error. Starting a namespace with “ISO” (caps) solves the problem. Also any other “i*” where * is anything but an “s” gives no problems.

Some conflict with a ‘testing routine’ perhaps?

Please can you look into this issue. As far as I know the name “iso4127” is a perfectly valid namespace id.

Many thanks for the good work on QUIP!

Raynier A. van Egmond
C3i Strategic Management Consulting LLC.
Seattle (WA) 98121, USA
email: rene@c3ismc.com