xquery namespace

Hi there!
How i can setup the default namespace for an xquery I tried to use:

declare default element namespace http://...

but it doesn’t work


the namespace URL has to be enclosed in quotes.
Otherwise ok.


Here is my query:

declare default element namespace "http://www.iec.ch/61850/2003/SCL"
for $a in input()/*
where $a
return $a

This is the message:

Tamino access failure (6352, INOXQE6352, XQuery parsing error, Syntax Error at line 1, column 9: <![CDATA[default element namespace "http://www.iec.ch/61850/2003/SCL"]]> found "default" when expecting any of: "or", "and", "div", "mod", " *", "intersect", "union", "except", "/", "//", "=", "!=", "<=", ">=", "eq", "ne", "gt", "ge", "lt", "le", "< ", ">", "-", "+", "=>", "|", "(", "[", ",", "sort", "stable")

Ah, sorry.
With Tamino 4.2 there are no default namespace prefixes. These will
be included with the next version.
For now use explicit namespace bindings as:

declare namespace x = “http://www.iec.ch/61850/2003/SCL