[BTLINTG.0013.0001] Server connection lost error in wM4.6 for creating webserviceconn


I am new to webservices.I have created a wsdl for a target service (wM 4.6) in my local m/c.
When i try to create a web service connector for this wsdl,i get the following error.

[BTLINTG.0012.0012] Error occured while creating WEb Service connector

[BTLINTG.0013.0001] Server connection to ‘serverhost:5555’ lost: Reason unknown. Try restoring session later to save changes.

But the connection to the server is fine.

can anyone guide me in this.


When you are prompted to select the WSDL file are you chosing a file location or entering a URL where the WSDL is located?

When you generate a WSDL using Developer 4.6 (which still works exactly the same way in Developer 6.5 almost 4 years later), you save the WSDL to a file location. It is not automatically hosted by IS and accessible from some URL.



Hi Mark,

I am saving the wsdl on the local machine.When prompted for the wsdl for creating the web service connector,i am choosing the file location on the local m/c.

Thanks & Regards,