Is there a utility in wm public folder that can be used to know the size of each file that comes to broker??

As per my knowledge we don’t have such utils but for you to code refer Broker Java API. And also you can submit a request in SAG brainstorm as a feature request.

And also what is the need/use of this service? Let me know so that I can try suggesting a alternate solution.

We can find the size from MWS , You can go to the client → Browse Queue and then you can view the documents and its size details over there .

Note :- Have the client in disconnected state for the documents to stay in the client and not subscribed.


there is no WmPublic service for this. but it is fairly easy using Broker API.

you need to look at Brorker Queue Browser apis.

Let me know if you still need. i can share some code samples with you. or i think there is already few in Code sample area in tech community.