What is the difference between guarenteed documentprocessing and Exactly once processing

Did you not find this covered in the Broker Administrator’s Guide? What problem are you attempting to solve for your project?


Rather than diverting or suggesting the name of the guide to go through it would be better if the appropraite answers are given because someone may not have the time to search in the guides for the answers.

Thanks for the cooperation

I disagree completely.

You seem willing for members to spend their time writing answers to questions easily found in the documentation, but not willing for other members to spend time studying what is already available.

I’ve been working with WM products for nearly 8 years now and still read the docs. Why should someone new to the area not do the same?

I have never found being spoon fed by others to be a recipe for long-term success.


May not have time? You’ve got to be kidding.

The appropriate answer was given–go read the documentation.

For something that is so basic and crucial to the operation of Broker and IS, it is “better” that they read the documentation. There is an entire chapter on exactly-once processing in the Publish-Subscribe Developer’s Guide. Not exactly buried in an obscure corner of the docs.

In my personal experience, you learn alot more about the process by reading documnetation rather than someone just giving you one line answer because documentation tells you different aspects of any process since every environment is different, on the other hand someone might give a one line solution which might not be the best one for your environment.

Answer for the question is well explained in ‘Publish-Subscibe_Developer’s_Guide’

If you want to succeed in life, be self confidant and gather knowledge so that you can help others then READ !!!

We should rename the topic of this post to “Life Coaching” :wink:

I agree with Carlson.