Broker Queue Visibility and Access


In WM 7.0 there is a nice new feature which provides users to browse broker queue data using My WebMethods Messaging User Inferface. While it works fine - it would be nice to be able to have users (like business users) have access to this function. Issue is that - this feature has been added within the Administration function of My webMethods and you can really not define functional restructions for Admin functions.

Which means that I can define a Role that has access to the Messaing function - and probably a specific Item within Messaging - such as Broker Clients - but I cannot restrict the access to be Read Only. Once the access is granted the user can pretty much Delete Clients if he wants - which is definitely NOT good.

Any pointers from anyone who has some experience with the Roles and Security definitions in MWS would be of great help. Basically I need users to be able to browse queue data and nothing else (should have been a Monitoring function) rather than an admin function…