Broker Problem

Actually I want to make communicate two different integration servers using Broker. But not able to do. Can anyone please help me regarding this. and one thing more is it required to configure Broker in Admin console?

You’ve a fairly wide-open question there so it’s difficult to answer specifically. Assuming you’ve a good background in installing and using IS and broker generally, I’d recommend looking at the Publish-Subscribe Developer guide as a starting point for how to create the solutions. If you are having problems configuring the IS-Broker connection in the first place, then look at the IS Administrator’s Guide.

Generally having Broker Admin available is a good idea, although if you are comfortable using the command line tools, you can do most of your administration with those (set license keys, create individual brokers, etc). You still need to configure the broker connection in IS (see IS admin guide for this).

There are more advanced options available for broker admin - have a look in the Broker Admin guide and the Admin API reference for that. If you are dabbling with JMS connections, then the JMS admin and API reference docs are worth reading.

All the docs are available on Advantage. Advantage also has a number of technical articles and examples that might be relevant as well.

Good luck.

It is possible to communicate between different Integration servers through broker, even in diffrent version( e.g. 7.1 to 6.5 ).

but I don’t get what problem you have.
pls describe your server spec. to subscribe and to publish,
and it have use a same broker.

actually have a same broker or not does have a difference but
broker configuration could be little bit different.

attach the situation and more detail infos. :stuck_out_tongue: