on wm7.1 broker configuration

  1. I only want to use IS+Broker. If I want to use Broker, must I install my webMethods server and my webMethods user interfaces(Broker and JMS) besides Broker and JMS’s component?

  2. If not my webMethods, I only installed the Broker and JMS’s component. I created a broker by command and set on IS server. but IS server can’t find the broker. how to set the broker? for example, Broker Name, Client Group, Client Prefix.

  3. If I must install my webMethods, my webMethods server and my webMethods user interfaces(Broker and JMS) is enough? if not, please tell me the minim installation.
    if enough, how to configure my webMethods configuration? please give the detail steps.

I believe you will get answer to all your questions in “Broker Administrators Guide.pdf”.

Note: MWS and MWS user interface for Broker and JMS is only used for Monitoring and administering Broker and JMS components. If you are doing development only with IS and Broker as you mentioned than you don’t need MWS or its instance. But people who are responsible to administor your ISs should have those.

I remebered we can admin and configure the broker by [URL]http://IP:5555/wmBrokerAdmin[/URL] on Version 6.1. But I can’t find the same admin page on version 7.1. It seems that it remove to Mywebmethods. If set up a development environment, how to configure the broker(the broker is defined by me) by IS administrator?

If you are determined not to install MWS and the MWS interfaces for broker administration, you can use the command line interfaces for administration.

Look in the /Broker/bin directory of your installation. You will find useful commands there such as server_config and broker_create… Check the Broker Admin guide for information on these commands (Appendix A, I believe).

Thank you!

I have the same issue. I only want to have IS and Broker. But even using command lines how do I configure the IS to connect to “that” Broker ?

Broker command line tools would be used for Broker configuration. To configure the IS to connect to the Broker (once set up) you need to specify the Broker host and port in the Integration Server Administrator console. The IS connects to the Broker as a client, and the configuration is from the IS admin.

First you can use the command:
broker_create -h [I]BrokerName[/i]@localhost:6849 -default -createterr TryCmn_IS

And you can logon the website: http://localhost:5555 and set up the broker.

My problem was that I already had the IS running and the Broker Server and the Broker, but I did not know how to setup the IS to connect to that Broker.

On 6.1 we had on the Settings of the IS Admin page a Setting called Broker.

On 7.1 we have a setting called Messaging where we can then setup the IS to connect to the Broker.

I hope this helps someone with the same issue as I had…