Installation of Brokers howTo

Hi guys
I need a good how-to to create two brokers, one a message broker running on port 6666 and another JMS brokers running on port 7774, 7775 (cluster)
As I never did it and try to lern how to do, I will be thankful to have a good instruction what all is needed.
My environment
WebMethod 9.7
SoftwareAGInstaller last version
An installation image 9.7
One Virtual Machine with enough needed memory and storage
Oracle database


Please check documentaton of Broker,

I guess U meant,

Broker server on port 6666
and probably two integration servers on ports 7774 and 7775 cluster

JMS Brokers does not make sense unless U mean connecting to broker using JMS API

Ok, let say, I need a broker on port 6666 for default messaging
and need another two brokers on port 7774 and one on port 7775 for JMS communication
(JMS clustering communication )

THis is correct, I am going to connect with JMS API to brokers

How to do ?
Kid regards

I have some documentation, what I need is a howTo install and configure brokers
kind regards

I suggest U read the installation documentation and try installation and if you face any issues can post in the forum

Hi Peter,

please remember that Broker 9.6 is the last version which will be available for Broker ever, as Broker will be replaced by Universal Messaging.
Broker 9.6 can be used with all recent wM versions from 9.6 onwards.

As long as the Machine can handle the load one Broker should be sufficient and can handle both types (default messaging and JMS messaging), if the Broker is given enough data storage size.

On my environments we are running two Broker Servers from one installation under one Broker Monitor:
One for handling general messaging and JMS messaging, but without Optimize traffic and one for the Optimize Traffic.
This approach has been choosen as Optimize had (and at least partially still has) difficulties when connecting to SSL-enabled and encrypted Broker Servers.
Especially the Designer has no properties for defining the keystore, truststore et al. when configuring Optimize connectivity.

Therefore the Optimize-Broker is not SSL-enabled and encrypted whereas the Broker the regular messaging and JMS messaging is SSL-enabled and encrypted as required by our security team.


Having different Brokers for native and JMS messaging is not necessary but nevertheless a typical installation.
You need to decide wether 2 different brokers suffice or if you need two different broker servers. If different brokers suffice you just configure additional brokers via MWS interface. Drawback is that both brokers share their storage and process context.
For installation of additional broker servers please have a look into the broker administration guide.