Broker on White Box Enterprise Linux

I’m trying to install Broker 7.1.2 on WBEL, 32 bit. I know it’s not formally supported, but the platform is supposed to be as close as possible to RHEL.

WM Installer says:

Any ideas whether this can be worked around?

Doubt it. Broker is mostly C based which means its going to be compiled for a specific platform. You would not want to run this anyway since it is not supported unless you are just sandboxing. And if that is the case might want to try Fedora if you want something that is really close to RHEL.

Sorry, I should have replied to myself.

Apparently even on a real Red Hat box, you have to install

I couldn’t find a White Box version of this, but I installed a Fedora version, rpm didn’t complain, and Broker installs and seems to run.

(Motivation is kinda sandboxing: I’m fed up of sharing an IS with others, so I’m putting together a VMware image that developers can use)

yep I’ve had luck in the past with both Fedora and OpenSUSE. Since they are the open versions of their bigger commerical brothers which are supported by webMethods you might have luck with patches working, support questions etc. But you would never want to run these in production.

Note that WBEL, like CentOS, should be more compatible with RHEL than Fedora is. Whereas Fedora’s aim is to be a neat distro upon RH can build an enterprise product, CentOS and WBEL’s aims are to make something free and as similar to RHEL as possible, without breaking license terms.

RHEL == Fedora + free modifications + non-free code
WBEL == RHEL - non-free code
therefore WBEL == Fedora + free modifications

I happened to pick WBEL because I found a ready-made VMWare image of it. It does seem as if WBEL has hung up its hat, though, since CentOS is more popular and has pretty much the same aims.