Broker not starting after reboot

OS: Solaris 9
IS: 615
Broker: 615

After installation and restarting the broker ping commands shows this

bash-2.05$ ./bin/broker_ping localhost
Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: COM/activesw/api/client/BrokerConnectionCallback

bash-2.05$ ps -eaf|grep broker
wm 724 1 0 12:01:52 pts/4 0:00 /opt/webMethods6/Broker/bin/awbrokermon
wm 725 724 0 12:01:52 pts/4 0:00 /opt/webMethods6/Broker/bin/awbroker -d /var/opt/webmethods

how do I include the class file


The broker is running fine as far as I can see from your process list. It is just the broker_ping command causing this problem.
All broker_xxx commands are just shell scripts to call the Java-based API to the broker. Has your shell changed? Have you installed into a differend path, but set any shell variable (WM_HOME, ACTIVE_HOME) that still point to the previously used path?