Broker is not starting

I have a question about Broker i have successfully installed Broker 6.1 but when i’m trying to start the broker service through management it says cannot start service on local computer(Error 193:0Xc1). Any body facing similar problem ? Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks.

I had similar problem when I had installed in Programfiles in the Windows OS system.

You could check the following links , they are quite useful :-



Hi Leon,
Did you check the error message in the Event Viewer? Also, the awbrokermon creates a awbrokermon.cfg file under C:\Windows\WebMethods, that contains the configurations of all broker servers that it attempts to start (kind of like a summary of all the awbroker.cfg files in different data dirs). You might want to check if the settings in this file are correct (that includes checking if the data directories have been correctly created)

Question for others: Where does this file get created in a unix env?


Hi KR,
Thats indeed a nice tip Thanks but i was able to solve the problem, my webmethods installation directory was in program files which caused the problem. I had to go to regedit and give quotes around the image path for my broker service.

I appreciate your response,


On the Unix platform(s) it is created in /var/opt/activesw or /var/opt/webmethods depending on which version you are using.