Broker Client Queue Connection status

what is webmethods service to check the client queue status weather it is connected or not ?

Please review this documentation and it should cover this topic:

“The webMethods Broker Client Java API”

The Broker Java API is contained within the Doc’s directory of the Broker install. Check Empower/ also:

If you have MWS in your env, you can check this through that as well.

We have the inbuilt java service in WmBrokerAdmin package to get the all the client ID information insid ehte broker.

But I am using 8.2 server in which I do not have wmbroker admin package. my aim is to invoke webmehthods service from browser that gives client ID status weather it is connected to broker or not ? Please help me with if any such service

Thanks in advance

Did you check the Broker java API and where you can call the method in a JavaService and invoke it?


Thank you all for you valuable feed back…
I wrote Custom service to get the Broker client queue information and invoke the same from browser

Hi aduri

Can you please provide the java code which you have written for retrieving the client info.