broker admin

my Broker Admin is not opening with the default user name and password
i want to know what r the possible reasons for that:cool:

One possibility: Someone that knows the default username and password logged on before you and changed the password.

What is the username/password you are using? Least possible chance but the default credentials u might be using are wrong


Hi !
i’m using correct username & password which i was using earlier… i’m sure.
However, last week , wM license key had expired . i’ve got the new license key now! … does the expiry of license key has any impact on BrokerAdmin access? the BrokerAdmin page isn’t opening still… what should i do?.. Do i need to reinstall entire wM software…, but this will effect currently installed & configured components,created components such as EDI 214 FFSchema & Dictionary , etc…
plz suggest;

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