Bring back Developer!...... when it's gone.

I may be wrong, but I’m confident most of you have very consciously ignored the Developer deprecation notice. I’ve given designer a fair go, well maybe not… but it didn’t take long to find myself booting up good 'ol Developer. Developer is great when you need to get it done!! (factors more responsive/intuitive than designer)… Though not gone yet, I miss it already :frowning:

What do you think?..

I ditto that

Bah… You luddites! :slight_smile:

It’s a much better IDE for java development and if you use CrossVista - the IDE plugin for doing source control is leap years ahead.

Just use it for a bit and you’ll not look back.

Nathan Lee

Eclipse yes…Developer on eclipse as implemented by SAG…noooo
It is too slow and atleast reduces my productivity by 30%.

Debugging with Developer is much faster than the Eclipse Designer. Also the overall work flow with Developer is faster even though Designer is similar in terms of UI. I think Designer will become better with time but as it is at the moment it needs more work imo.

I hope they keep developer usable (version updated) for a while during this transition, even without official support.

I have to admit that the current version of the Designer has helped Java Developers a lot and made debugging Java and Flow services a lot easy, but what they did for BPM nodes is just plain annoying. SAG got those from ARIS and ported them on to the Designer. The process models actually look very ugly if you are using the nodes right out of the box with out changing the images.


I agree that Designer is much better for Java coding. But developing solutions for IS isn’t predominantly Java coding. It is FLOW coding. And for that, Designer is just okay. Some activities are necessarily different but overall the experience isn’t “better.” Just different.