about Designer 7.2 - add your comments..

Dear Users/FCS customers!!

Any one started using the new Designer7.2 and its Service/development features…

New ESB Eclipse-Based Editors - Designer 7.2 includes Eclipse-based editors you can use to create and view flow services, documents, JMS triggers, and Web service descriptors. You can create flow services using the standard tree view or a new graphical view that is similar to a flow chart.

Please add your comments or gotchas or pros n cons on the newly enhanced Designer BPM tool.


“You can create flow services using the standard tree view or a new graphical view that is similar to a flow chart.”

How does the new graphical FLOW editor compare to the old one that was removed from Developer?


I am pretty new to this Designer but I dont see the option where we can test our flow services that is dragged from IS to Portlets. I am referring to Unit testing that normally people would do in Developer. Please help me in identifying that!!:confused:


I am using webMethods Designer 7.1.1 . I am using JMS(For JMS triggered Processes) protocol in the receive step in my process. I sent a document to the queue but the subscriptionTrigger is rejecting the document and throws the below exceptions:

2009-01-27 14:28:22 GMT+05:30 wm.prt.dispatch:handlePublishedInputcom.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException: [PRT.0101.9611] Could not determine the Document Type for this invocation. Rejecting Document. Stack trace data …a696ea70ec5011dda08fff8bb8efad80 NULL a696ea70ec5011dda08fff8bb8efad80 2009-01-27 14:24:57 GMT+05:30 wm.server.ns.dependency:getDependentjava.lang.NullPointerException Stack trace data …2c5527e0ec5011dd94f18dfd2f5e5c49 NULL 2c5527e0ec5011dd94f18dfd2f5e5c49 2009-01-27 14:16:02 GMT+05:30 wm.server.ns.dependency:getDependentjava.lang.NullPointerException

Please help me in getting this issue resolved.

Thanks In Advance.


Are you talking about Designer7.2 version?

This topic originally created to know more about user usability/pros and cons etc…


Hema,Please post your query in a seperate new thread…this thread is created on a different topic.

Anyways check in the Advanced/Implementation/Receive Document (fully path) is existing/can be located and of publishable type so that receive step process it further.


Yes. The full path of the receive document is existing in Advanced/Implementation/Receive Document and the document is of publishable type. But I am not sure whether we need the document to be of publishable type if we are using JMS protocol. I believe we need the document to be publishable if we are using Broker subscription as thhe receive protocol. Please confirm and let me know if any more ideas on my issue.


I’ve only had a chance to do an initial look at the new designer but so far it’s looking good. I was surprised after some initial fumbling around that it actual has a very similar look and feel to the old developer. Still it does take a little getting use to.

I did find it was compatible with the 7.1.1 IS server at least for initial testing of feature. I was hoping to test out the java code environment, I was expecting that would have been there but it’s not along with some of the adapters.

The new layout view of the flow service is interesting. I think this good be useful for complex flow services but not completely sure about it yet. Overall pretty decent effort for the first pass. I suspect its going to take a few iterations to get it up to snuff with the old developer.

Thanks Mark for the inputs…I hope it will ease of development vs with the old developer IDE.

Did you get a chance to create flow/Java services and debug/test its pipeline results capability and features etc…

“The new layout view of the flow service is interesting.”
–I am eager to see/feel this stuff personally…don’t know when will it be…:slight_smile:

BPM/CAF/features development canvas/wizard remains same isn’t??


is designer 7.2 in wm Advantage?

Here is the direct link:


I was referring to the application, not the documents. The latest one available for download is 7.1.2

7.2 Designer is in FCS mode which means you have to talk with your sales rep to get access to it. It’s not available for general download.

rmg, i have played around with it some but its still early and a lot of stuff is not there yet. For instance the ability to create a java service is not there yet. As far as debugging goes it uses the normal Eclipse stuff however stepping through a flow doesn’t seem to be enabled yet. Overall it appears that they are heading down the right track but its going to be a couple of releases I think before they get there.

I assumed that stuff is already in place based on the userguide:

Isn’t it correct?


You read the documentation? :smiley: If you navigate down to the end of that document you should see a section called Unsupported Elements. It lists all the things that don’t work yet and it’s a lot at this point. Adapter Services, adapter notifications, broker/local triggers, C servers, connections, Flat file dictionaries, schemas, IS schemas, Java Services, Listeners, .Net Services, Specifications, and XSLT services.

Debugging does work, the step through the flow is now Step Over in Eclipse land instead of just Step in IS land.

Uh!! got you…It isn’t fully loaded Developer yet :D…

Checkout usages of webMethods Designer 8.x with examples and screenshots: