Branching on more then one value

Has anyone had any experience branching on more then one value in 6.01? What I’ve done is create a branch with two child services. One of the child services I’d like to invoke when /case1/ is true the other service I’d like to invoke when /case2/ || /case3/ are true. What I’m finding is that when I put in a compound expression it always evaluates to true. I haven’t been able to find anything in the docs about compound expressions but I would assume they would have to support it. Any clues?

I tried something here. Does this look similar to what you were trying? I couldnt find anything wrong with this.

Answering my own question. The solution was /case2|case3/.

this can also be done by turning the Flow Branch property “evaluate labels” to true.

When you do this, so don’t put in a switch condition and can put complex expressions as the label values. These expressions can reference multiple values from the pipeline and support regex and other goodies.