Branch step

Hi friends,

I parsed the flat file and validated against the flatfile shema,
i used convertTo Values service, and got the result too.

My now problem is:

I have 3 records
0 - which appears once
1- unlimited
2 - once

0- record contains fields named date,fromsystem
1- record can appear n times
2 - record contains recordcount(no of records in ‘1’)

I have to perform 3 business checks:
–>now i have to branch on date and see to that it is of some pattern(say yyyymmdd), if it is of not that pattern then error message must be sent to calling service
–> i have to branch on fromsystem and check whether it is arriving fron “aaa” system, if not then send an error message
—> i have to count the list of records in ‘1’ and check whether the count is equal to the value in recordcount of ‘2’.

i have the idea, to branch on the result record ‘0’ of ffvalues and to the respective fields on them, but i am not sure in specifying the properties.

how can we find the length (count) of list of records. Is it thru a loop? is there any alternative?

how can we check whether 2 values are equal?

i might have many questions, but please give me a clear solution, as i have unclear ideas and they seem not work properly


ok , so u want to find the length of record list…
and also compare two values

  1. there is a transformer in wmpublic just check it out which takes the list as input and gives the length of the list …

  2. use string comparision to find out if two values are equal …we have transformer available in wmpublic /string …check it out…

if u can read the webmethods documents for built in services …u will get the clear udnerstanding of what all transformers are available…

sorry ,
plz check PSUtilities and u can find all the transformers u want…the ones above mentioned …

Hi Srikanth,
I have the record structure as below.

| 10


Hi Srikanth this is the proper record structure,
Code 01
Code 02

i have to loop over 1 and for each record of 1 i have to check whether code respective to each record(1[0],1[1],…) != 01 or 02 0r 04 or 05 or 06 or 07 or 10. If code matches with any of these values i have to send an error response to calling service.The ‘n’ value is unlimited and can occur any times.

Can u know or any one give me the steps and what i have to give the values in properties of either ‘loop’ or sequence steps or any other steps?

I am not able to login into Advantage webmethods, how can i login into it?

as u are saying u are looping over 1,does that mean u are able to succesfully get the data from the flatfile.
so once u get the ffvalues from flatfile.just loop over the doclist and as i have no idea on how the values are arranged inside the document …i cannot explain u on which variable u can loop or on which variable u need to perform branch …
u can actually understand in detail about loop & branch properties by reading the developer’s manual…
and regarding webmethods advantage …u need to be working with a webmethods partner …or webmethods client to get the access to webmethods advantage…