Branch on Document Attribute

maybe the issue is solved but how can I branch to a specific attribute value?
For example the document is like this:

and I want to branch to a specific sequence is the @name == “todo” and version == “1.0”

How can I do this?

Insert a branch, set evaluate lables=True and write the logical expression into the label of a sequence under the branch (see the Developers Users Guide for Details)

This is the current solution. But I was wondering if it is possible to branch with the following expression: /resp/Trans/Message/@version= && /resp/Trans/Message/@name = instead of just the value and then once again inside the sequence

The picture you posted does not show the soution I described. I wrote to put /resp/Trans/Message/@version= && /resp/Trans/Message/@name = in a label and set evaluate lables to true. You just use the standard branch wuth evaluate lables = no.

Ok. Understand.
Thanks for your help